Myrra Rós

Myrra Rós

Myrra Rós leads us into the world of dreamy and oneiric sounds, skilfully combining the elements of dream pop with indie folk and post-rock.

This Icelandic artist guides us to a musical journey through the land of beauty, in which space, spirituality and emotions reign. Subdued, melancholic music realized in a minimalist style, with wonderful raptures and bursts - the background for the ethereal and emotional vocals of Myrry and the lyrical layer, which in its content describes life and deep feelings. 

She dresses her lyrics in a magical, poetic cover. All lyrics have been written in English, which allows you to fully penetrate them and feel their closeness.

Exuding inner beauty, Rós charms with sensitivity, delicacy and femininity until shivers pass on the back. She can grab your heart. Her words flow calmly, unhurriedly and bluntly reach the recipient.

Myrra Rós seduces with a hypnotic voice that is piercing and at the same time soothing. It all adds up to a romantic, intimate and personal album with a very suggestive atmosphere.