Octavio Mai

Octavio Mai

Between dark and heady ballads, Octavio Mai intrigues.

Octavio Mai wears melancholy like a second skin. Octavio Mai is sometimes dreamy, romantic and terribly intoxicating. Concocting in the shadow of true artistic nuggets, Johan and Juliette are companions of sounds and life. The languid notes on the instruments and the sharp vocals, the Lyon duo will surely calm you down.

Still unknown, Octavio Mai decided to spread their wings and fly away, heading to a musical wonderland. Discreet today, recognized tomorrow, the duo now offers their art on a silver platter. Powerful, vibrant and in love, the first creation of the group is entitled "Light & Shadow". Condensed with tender notes, this creation would sound almost as obvious on the air, as it makes feel many emotions.

French electro act is comprised of Juliette Bazenet (vocals/guitar/keyboards) and Johan Putet (vocals/keyboards/drum/machines), and between the two of them they fashion an enticing slice of moodily ethereal electronica

Starting on this electro-acoustic eurythmy, Juliette and Johan have been able to trace their own path playing a paradox between poignant texts and light and flowing music. As a duo, they shape their universe, skilfully borrowing several tracks like planing electronic sounds and melancholic pop & folk melodies, always bringing us back to basics.

Through their texts, the group evokes nostalgia, neurosis and fear while keeping this discreet optimism. It is now time to let yourself be transported as far as possible into the charming and confusing universe of this duo full of promise.

Between the shadow and the light, the two artists play on this duality serving as the thread of their music.


RIYLLondon Grammar, James Blake, Oh Land