Paul Littlewood

Paul Littlewood

Paul Littlewood is a music artist from South Yorkshire.

Paul makes atmospheric music from the soul via the heart. It has a raw rootsy quality to it, full of wide open spaces & emotional leanings that pull you in like a venus fly trap-linger too long and swoosh-you are his!

He performs and records as a solo artist, and has also appeared with a number of bands including Fights, Fallen Trees, and Eastern Seaboard Radio Station. A prolific songwriter, he has released a number of bedroom and studio recordings during the last 15 years, working with various labels, including Xtra Mile Recordings (UK), Three Sixty Records (US), and on his own DIY label, Anklebreka Records. Many of his themes are set in his beloved North, and stylistically range from lo-fi to alt-rock.

Influenced by the lo-fi artistry of Jason Molina and the upfront songwriting craft of Neil YoungLittlewood has combined the art pop of Sparklehorse with the production aesthetic of R.E.M. It seems Littlewood has managed to conjure a song of honest and emotional clarity demonstrating an audible undercurrent of British Invasion melodicism.