Although you probably aren’t aware of it yourself, PAVVLA is quite a big deal back home in Spain. Starting out as an actress in the popular TV show La Riera, PAVVLA (real name Paula Jornet) has grown to embrace music. She recorded two studio albums and racked up millions upon millions of streams around the world.

Sounds of Spain

Hailing from Barcelona indie singer-songwriter released her sophomore album, “Secretly Hoping You Catch Me Looking” through Luup Records. A showcase of songs about life and vintage love.

Songs tinted with sepia tones, retain warmth and underlying darkness. If this album was a season it would be Autumn. This work highlights her contemporary and elegant downtempo-electronic pop sound.

PAVVLA’s stance on life has changed somewhat since her debut album “Creatures” which brought her to many cities across Europe, as well as the USA for SXSW.

Emerging Artist of the Moment

Creatures positioned her as one of the most important new indie artists in Spain. PAVVLA earned the tag of ’emerging artist of the moment’ after performing at nearly a hundred concerts, both nationally and abroad. Not to mention articles in renowned media such as NPR and BBC, and thousands of listeners on streaming platforms.

Where there were once darkened fairytales of love there are now dark tales of growth and love; retaining the acoustic elements her fans have grown to love.

“Burnt to Ashes” and “The World Stopped The Day You Were Born” embody her musical evolution best. Stripped back guitar and soft synths reappear thus creating a welcoming feeling.

The subtle notes and percussion complement PAVVLA’s ethereal voice creating a relaxed feeling to the listener; the perfect songs for a road trip to the middle of nowhere.

Electronic heavy tracks include the aptly named ‘Something New’ and ‘Dance Alone’ a relaxed synth-pop track.

‘Secretly Hoping You Catch Me Looking’ places lofty emphasis on minimalist beats, soothing vocals and a sense of sonic comfort which you don’t hear often.