The Gentleman Losers

The Gentleman Losers

Finland's the Gentleman Losers meet somewhere in a place that marries ambient electronics with soothing, organic instrumental film scores. Central to the subtle but quite textural works from brothers Samu and Ville Kuukka are slowly picked electric guitar melodies, which sometimes split into many fraying pieces with tremolo effects, so that the instrument is a little less distinct in the fog of loops and tape hiss so critical to the rest of the tracklist.

They describe their music as “one part 60s movie soundtracks, one part wooden electronica – all recorded through a 50s Telefunken mixer we found abandoned in a basement”.

They have released four albums to date ('The Gentleman Losers' [2006], ‘Dustland’ [2009], 'Permanently Midnight [2017) & 'Make We Here Our Camp Of Winter' [2019]) showcasing their unique blend of laid-back, dreamlike post-rock, characterized by creaky breakbeats, atmospheric organ sounds and heavily reverbed, skeletal guitar melodies.

RIYL: Nils Frahm, Bibio, and Boards of Canada