The Gentleman Losers

The Gentleman Losers

The Gentleman Losers meet somewhere in a place that marries ambient electronics with soothing, organic instrumental film scores.

Often eclectic and melancholic, the music doesn’t easily fit into any one category. Many classify their compositions, among other things, sadcore and folktronica.

Music From A Past That Hasn’t Happened Yet…

Together, the Finnish brothers showcase a unique blend of laid-back, dreamlike post-rock. Each track, most notably characterized by creaky breakbeats, atmospheric organ sounds and heavily reverbed, skeletal guitar melodies.

Their style changed from the early, Americana-styled days. The Gentlemen Losers paint a vivid picture with influences of jazz, soul, psychedelia, ambient, and Hypnagogic pop elements.

Central to the subtle but quite textural works from brothers Samu and Ville Kuukka are slowly picked electric guitar melodies. As an illustration, sometimes the sound would split into many fraying pieces with tremolo effects. As a result, the instrument is less distinct in the fog of loops and tape hiss so critical in their arrangements.

In The Beginning

The duo’s immaculate instrumental music first surfaced in 2006 with their universally acclaimed self-titled debut. The follow-up, 2009’s dreamlike, and equally acclaimed, Dustland, a more mature endeavour, which in effect built the band’s cult following.

What was intended to be a short hiatus to focus on side projects, turned into a gap of several years. The break allowed them time to work on writing commissioned music, including a film score as well as their synthpop outfit, ‘Lessons‘,

New Directions

The band returned in 2017 with ”Permanently Midnight”; a work that not only became a return to their organic trademark sound but also an exploration of new directions, such as vocals on several tracks.

December 2018 saw the release of their next full-length album ”Make We Here Our Camp of Winter.

Looking back, the band magnificently mapped the gorgeous ambient and modern classical recordings of the 00’s. Their first two records capture a fragile beauty of long-lost folk relics. Each track, markedly filled with cinematic wonder. The lyrical quality, forever inherent in their stunningly beautiful musical works.

Samu and Ville frequently describe their music as “one part ’60s movie soundtracks, one part wooden electronica; not to mention, they recorded each track through a ’50s Telefunken mixer they found abandoned in a basement.

In the final analysis, ‘The Gentleman Losers’ encapsulate a universe of quiet musical aspirations in a breezy, effortless way that’s all-too rare. Equally important, they manage to distill their sound into a pithy diktat : “we wanted to make music from a past that hasn’t happened yet…”

RIYL: Nils Frahm, Bibio, Boards of Canada, Vincent Gallo