The Reads

The Reads

Straddling the North Wales and England border, The Reads have grown from four members to six since their original founding in 2000. So The Reads are: Marcel Delrue, Jamie Russell, Stuart Bennett, Clare Goddard and Matty Goddard. Together they produce some amazing music which has been described as ambient/electro/folk/rock. They struck a deal with the London based music publishers, ASongs, the home of Fatboy Slim and the Stereo MCs.

Working hard to find a distinctive sound, they spent years honing their material before finally releasing their debut album ‘Stories from the Border’ in 2011. It was time well spent, as their mix of spaced out production and indie-folk-rock melodies made an immediate impact.

They then unleashed the follow-up, ‘Lost at Sea’, and although the individual songs were as strong as ever, it is very much written as a cohesive album. Keen not to let the album format fall by the wayside in a market dominated by singles and individual song downloads, this is the work of a band working hard to maintain a consistent sound throughout.

Produced and mixed by Jim Spencer (The Charlatans, The Vaccines, New Order) and mastered by Frank Arkwright (Arcade Fire, The Smiths, Joy Division), their music collection marked a genuine step forward for The Reads, who are working to ‘find a home’ for their distinctive sound. And with over a decade of strong songwriting behind them, we wouldn’t bet against it.