The Rotary Fifth

The Rotary Fifth

The Rotary Fifth carve out a kaleidoscopic visual dream world full of vibrant colour and emotional honesty Drawing upon an incredibly diverse list of influences, this eclectic collective creates artfully ethereal dream pop.

The Rotary Fifth evolved following an introduction through a mutual friend. between Liverpool native, Mark Kyriacou (Loka) (Producer/Musician) and Wales-based singer/songwriter, Michelle Bee. Realizing an instant musical connection, the two began to share new ideas through impromptu writing sessions and immediately set about creating material!

Their collaborative efforts culminated in a forthcoming EP, ‘Automata’ – a rich and expansive debut, out in early 2020.  They explore human reactions to the inhumane, the processing of pain, musings on love, warmth and connection.

The groovy little electronics, the oddly meandering vocals, it’s all here. Retro futuristic pop songs give the compositions an electro loungey feel at times.  Reverbing keys taking turns with the sparkling, chiming, percussive melodies that include the ethereal vocals of Michelle Bee.

Delightfully classy and elegant, the music features lots of jazzy chords, muted basslines and vintage synths. Obvious comparisons to Stereolab and St. Etienne, notwithstanding…

The similarity to Stereolab is striking. But this brand new group seem to have merely studied at the feet of that august electronic outfit. And obviously a few other illustrious acts such as Massive Attack, Röyksopp and Air, just to name a few..

If you crave being swept up in a swirly, mellow, electro breeze, then The Rotary Fifth is the band for you!