Tómas Jónsson

Tómas Jónsson

Tómas Jónsson, is one of the most promising young pianists today and is one of the most sought-after keyboard players in Iceland in the field of pop, blues and jazz music and has played with bands like ADHD, Fjallabræðir and Dusty Miller. At just 23 years old, he released his solo debut album simply titled, ” Tómas Jónsson“. This album is mainly filled with instrumental music - oneiric and padded with subtle electronics and ambient washes, the compositions, wrapped in a sleepy dream pop glow.

The Reykjavik-native adorns his music with elements of synth-pop, neoclassical and retro jazz motifs, even live drums, giving the music a post-rock characteristics. The compositions are filled with surprises, from mariachi trumpets to a ringing clock while some are embellished with ethereal vocalizations and fragmented melodies of cosmic space, progressive analogue synth sounds from the 70’s and underwater effects drifting in the ocean.

The hypnotic esoterism of Jónsson’s debut demonstrates that ambient music is not only blurred smudges of meaningless sounds, but neatly joined chords, skilfully developed motifs and melodies. The keyboard wizard incorporates numerous sonic and stylistic experiments, tinkering with musical forms and structures.

Jónsson steers his collective of musicians through the calm waters of loose yet inter-related beat abstracts. And like all calm waters, it’s what lurks beneath that brings the unknown and the unexpected.