Tomemitsu creates the bedroomiest of the bedroomy music you’ll ever hear..

Who Is Tomemitsu

Marten Roark, better known throughout the reaches of the internet as Tomemitsu, a proponent of DIY bedroom acoustic gems. His signature singing style delivers lyrics in a lush whispered. Roark creates ephemerality with an acoustic guitar and digital drum beats from his home in Echo Park, California.

M_o_d_e_s, or “modes”, his debut album, is an anagram of “demos” and was originally supposed to be just that; a bundle of orphan, rough-cut outtakes.

Instead, Roork decided to run with them, reshaping the tracks until they had some noticeable cohesion. And with the help of mother nature and a number of random occurrences, he did just that.

What’s left in its wake is a timeless 8-track album that shape-shifts and transforms with each and every listen.

Lo-Fi Dreampop

His soft compositions drag us into his acoustic world.  A world made of light touches and mild sound experimentations. The combination of repetitive melody, imperceptible electronics complete with layered vocals on top of a thick, warm guitar is intoxicating.

By and large, minimized under the banner of an intimate and fluent indie-pop.

Roark conceptualizes the music he creates for Tomemitsu as an exercise; in other words, he applies limitations to himself. He sets specific parameters of time during the day to write lyrics, after work for example. He then builds the music out of his reaction to those parameters.

Equipped with a sharp ear for melody and a lush whispered croon, Tomemitsu’s collection of bedroom acoustic gems will surely whisk you away to your most enchanting dreams.

A private affair, Roark’s writing process would be similar to other bedroom artists, comparatively. The essence of his music is a manifestation of his mind operating–alone. In person, Roark is reserved and kind-hearted.

He doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve, but along the strings of his guitar.

RIYL: Grizzly Bear