Trumpets of Consciousness

Trumpets of Consciousness

Behind the somewhat bizarre name of Trumpets of Consciousness (after the doors of perception, the trumpets of consciousness?) hides the Lyonnais Thibauld Labey, formerly of the band, A Songs. A name that you'll urgently want to remember!  Clear, airy, bright, the Trumpets of Consciousness music never sounds stale.

Trumpets of Consciousness finds its roots in the golden age of rock, a pivotal period between the late 60s and early 70s - yet in spite of its deliberately revivalist perspective, (which we've listened to a thousand times) the music never switches in copy/paste shots, any more than it locks itself in the pastiche.

Unlike the other outputs of their label, Le Pop Club Records Trumpets of Consciousness work from an angle deliberately pop, particularly elaborate, less systematically focused on the guitar. Of course with TOC, the guitar occupies a prominent place but in a supporting role, the vintage keyboards and choirs, the latter having been the subject of special care, taking the lion's share.

It’s no secret that the band sources inspiration from the likes of 60s pop greats like Brian Wilson and John Lennon; however, the band offers much more than just a rehash of a classic sound. Trumpets of Consciousness builds on top of the foundation left by those icons, crafting something modern, fresh, playful, and sincere like a troubadour riding a psychedelic horse he places modern sounds alongside sixties melodies, and abandons himself with poetry on piano and guitar.