Will Samson

Will Samson

If you've been on the lookout for a new favourite singer-songwriter and deconstructed torch songs are your thing, don’t let Luso-Indian troubadour Will Samson pass you by.

Will Samson is a British-born musician exploring the middle ground between ambient, electronic, experimental & acoustic music – using a variety of recording techniques, which often focus heavily on the use of old tape machines & analogue equipment.

The young man has four LPs and three EPs under his belt, on which he bridges ambient electronics and experimental folk. Will’s gentle experimentalism is grounded in both sturdy storytelling and studio-craft Matched with a striking falsetto voice, Samson's ballads luxuriate in melancholy.

His 2017 album, Welcome Oxygen is more straight-ahead singer-songwriter-ish than some of his previous work, but there's an ever-so-subtle warble on a few of the guitar tracks that adds an experimental sparkle. "Old Roots (Day One)" is a good example; what would otherwise be a fine if somewhat ordinary solo number takes on a fresh modern feel with guitar treatment, understated vocal distortion and quiet background ambient noise. It's beautifully rendered.

If music unlocks the heart, then A Baleia (which means ‘The Whale’ in Portuguese) is a subtle rotating of the key, a 22-minute selection of soulful tape-recorded soundscapes.

Will Samson’s 2018 album crafts kind, instrumental music, its soft, lulling tones originating from a state of deep relaxation and tranquil, limitless motion.

Like a mermaid’s song, sugar-sweet feminine sighs and vocals emanate from within. Sometimes in the ascendency, as if rising up on the tip of a bubble, and sometimes drooping like a shipwreck, Samson’s music is the sound of ambient freedom.