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Plutonic Group Productions : Six Traits Of A Successful Musician

Six Essential Characteristics You Need To Be a Successful Musician

Ask any successful musician what they think the first step to becoming successful   What is your definition of a successful musician… Before we start, one thing we need to realise is that the notion of success can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different musicians. For example, there are those […]

Nurvel Durd - Benbo - BBC 3

Nurvel Durd: New Release by ‘Benbo’ Is Officially Out

NURVEL DURD IS OFFICIALLY OUT London multi-instrumentalist & producer Benbo dropped the Nurvel Durd video as a Christmas surprise – and now it’s got a full release on PINK LIZARD! Featuring a live human man falling through a hedge into an animated world, the Nurvel Durd video – already hailed as ‘amazingly surreal’ by The […]

Walter Afanasieff :: De-Evolution of Music Industry

Walter Afanasieff On The De-Evolution Of The Music Industry

Walter Afanasieff, Grammy Winning Producer, On The De-Evolution Of The Music Industry   You know the story: for every huge hit song that you hate your brain for holding onto, there is a team of people responsible for its creation. And while that remains as true as it’s ever been, exactly how those hits are created is […]

6 Rules To Create The Perfect Cover Song

Six Rules to Create the Perfect Cover Song

 The Perfect Cover Song by Rosanne Cash & Mike Doughty From Q Magazine: Having recorded a version of John Denver’s Take Me Home, Country Roads together, Mike Doughty and Rosanne Cash know a thing or two about a cover song. In fact the song featured on the Soul Coughing Man’s latest album, ‘The Flip Is Another Honey’ […]

album liner notes

The Art of Album Liner Notes

 Liner Notes contain an inside glimpse into an artist along with creative art work which add life to the music…   The booklet that accompanies a CD is, at first glance, all about the words. Lyrics, acknowledgements and credits. But the liner notes (which can also be printed on the cardboard sleeves of Digipacks and […]

Holland Dozier Holland :: Motown Songwriters

Legendary Songwriters: Holland-Dozier-Holland

Legendary Songwriters: Holland-Dozier-Holland Talk Motown Hits Legendary Motown songwriters, Holland-Dozier-Holland are known for writing and producing many of the greatest pop and R&B songs of the modern era. The songs they wrote for Diana Ross & The Supremes, the Four Tops, Martha & The Vandellas, Marvin Gaye and other artists, were not only hits back in […]