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Music Supervision : Iconic TV Music Moments

Music Supervision :: The Art of Creating Iconic TV Moments

How music supervisors create iconic TV moments Music Supervision was just recognized by the Emmys for the first time ever. Here’s how it works. Reese Witherspoon on HBO’s Big Little Lies, whose music supervisor Susan Jacobs recently won the first-ever Emmy for Music Supervision. HBO When Susan Jacobs took home the first-ever Outstanding Music Supervision Emmy Award at […]

Trailer Park Entertainment Agency

Meet the Company Behind Your Favourite Movie & TV Show Trailers

Trailer Park has made the promotions for blockbuster movies like ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Baby Driver.’ When the summer movie season arrived, among the bevy of trailers for highly anticipated films, like Wonder Woman and Spider-Man, was the promo for Baby Driver. The two and a half minute trailer itself–about a young getaway driver–has been a hit with audiences, garnering more than two […]

musicians spring break film

Musicians Behind Spring’s Most Anticipated Films

Musicians embellish films which feature the sounds of the mainstream by Mark Guiducci Hollywood filmmakers have long sought popular musicians to embellish their movie scores, hiring them to record radio-ready singles that are (often haphazardly) appended to the end of a film’s sound track. Céline Dion’s vocals on “My Heart Will Go On,” let’s remember, only […]