Cherie And Renno :: PGS Sync Sampler

Cherie And Renno : Unhinged and Off-beat

Cherie And Renno : PGS Sync SamplerOut of the marriage between massive guitar distortion, sugar coated pop and oriental spiced themes – Cherie and Renno were born.

At the heart of their musical vision stands one quirky home-made instrument – a wooden, electronic, multi-synth viola – built from collected hidden treasures, gathering around him indie, pop, electro, punk and funk hues. Absurd, unhinged, and off-beat, the Israeli twosome, Cherie and Renno – aka Shiri and Ran – create music that is predictably quirky and homemade, tinged with sweetness and absurdity.

Shiri (Cherie) and Ran (Renno) have performed on some of the biggest festivals in Europe with their band IZABO (including The Great Escape, Sziget, Transmusicales, Paleo, Eurosonic, Liverpool Sound City, United Islands and more) as well as releasing three albums worldwide (via Rough Trade, Sony BMG UK, Roy Music and 100% Records).

Scratchy, whacked-out pop with a healthy dash of sleaze, this new music project is a spin-off of Israel’s entrants to the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, Izabo.

The duo left Izabo to start something different, and they have achieved exactly that.

Renno has invented new instruments to help find that ‘something different’.

Instead of a regular guitar, the singer plays a wooden, electronic, multi-synth viola with an engine that rotates to pluck the strings. He is proud of his invention: ‘It’s not perfect, it’s not in tune, the tone is not right because it’s not right that’s what makes it interesting.’

Renno says: ‘When I hold the viola and I play some chords, immediately I’ve got some inspiration to write new interesting material.’

With Tel Aviv as their home town, the duo say they don’t write about politics, they like to focus on the everyday life.

Renno says these ‘are the things that matter’ but Cherie interrupts saying: ‘Instead of going to a shrink he writes songs, that how I look at it.’

Dynamic oddball pop combines indie, rock, funk, classical touches and Arabic elements.

Welcome to the world of Cherie and Renno..

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Debut Album To Be Released Late 2016

in the meantime, enjoy the video of their single, ‘Let Me In’…

Cherie and Renno music available upon request!
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