Cinematic Pop

PGS Sync Sampler : Cinematic Pop

Plutonic-Group-Sync-Sampler-Cinematic-Pop-sdcldWalls of guitars, and multi-layered vocals offer a cinematic tour de force – melodic, intelligently crafted, beautifully written cinematic pop gems that sparkle and shimmer on water.

Cinematic pop is a ‘mix-it-all-together’ approach to music – integrating pop, jazz, classical, indie and cinema into a voyageous collection of original,  stirring, emotionally led, indie pop tracks; an unorthodox and disjointed take on slick pop destined for wide attention.

Our artists like the idea of creating landscapes of sound. Something that provokes imaginary in a listener when they put on their headphones transporting them as they listen through the playlist.

With a penchant for the emotional side of life, each of these songwriters take eclectic elements from different music genres and fuse them together to create their own unique and lush compositions…

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Cinematic Pop Instrumentals Available Upon Request

  1. ə-rĭ 'mē-ə (Couldn't Love You More)
  2. Opening
  3. Cara
  4. Ember
  5. Don't Salt My Meal With Your Tears
  6. Revolution Action
  7. Holy Day
  8. Everybody's In The Know
  9. My Way Home
  10. Empire
  11. Dance On My Skin
  12. Not Done Loving You
  13. When The Rains Came Down [Ambient Mix]
  14. Evensong
  15. Can't Stop Loving You
  16. gnýr frá heljar
  17. It's Nice To Feel Alive
  18. Soul Bird
  19. Sleeping Under Stars
  20. BLVD
  21. Killer

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