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Plutonic Group Syncs continuously searches for new music across most genres. You the artist/writer/producer will then have the opportunity for your music to be made available to a global network of industry creatives who search & license music for Film, TV, Adverts, Computer Games, Apps and any form of media exploitation.

Please be advised that we are no longer taking on new signings at this time.


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Music Submission Guide ~

Please send streaming links only [i.e., SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Website/private stream] – MP3s attached to emails will be automatically deleted. Before you contact us, we suggest you listen to our Sync Sampler page to better gauge if your music is similar in style, genre and production to our current listings. We cannot reply to all inquiries but do promise to review all submissions. As we receive a large number of emails, we only reply if your tracks are accepted – so if you don’t hear back from us, we have passed on your music.

Music Submission :: Exclusive + Non Exclusive Representation

We accept exclusive and non-exclusive artists into the Plutonic Group catalogue. Non-Exclusive representation means you can have your music represented by several music licensing agencies. Exclusive representation means that we are the only licensing agency allowed to represent your songs signed exclusively with us for licensing during the term of the agreement, which is three years.

There are no special requirements nor is there any need for you to sign over the copyright or master of your songs in order to sign an exclusive contract.  We simply ask that we have exclusive right to pitch your songs for master/synchronization license.  We’ve found that most networks and music supervisors typically prefer exclusive rights to songs, thus eliminating an over saturation of the same track being pitched by several outlets.  Contact us should you have any questions…

We LOVE Your Music, Now What?…

  • Here is what we’ll need from you
    • Please review the list below.  Upon acceptance to our catalogue, when forwarding your music files,  we will require the following.  If you are missing one or more of these items, please do not submit your music until you have completed or gathered all requested items:
      • Masters and Instrumental versions in .wav format
      • Lyrics in .doc format (if there are song lyrics)
      • Album art in .gif or .png format
      • PRO membership info (ASCAP/BMI/SESAC, PRS, GEMA, etc.)
      • Master and Publishing Rights Owners details
      • Metadata, Keywords, Song Description, Similar Artists, Track Instrumentation

IMPORTANT: We can not accept live performance recordings or music that features sampled material.

Please be advised that we are no longer taking on new signings at this time.