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PGS Sync Sampler : Cover Songs

Plutonic-Group-Sync-Sampler-Cover-Songs-sdcldNothing knocks me out like a terrific, inspired cover. The great ones let me sing along in my head or out loud while I anticipate the break or even more surprised by a new hook…all the while allowing me to turn them all the way up and share them with others who are just as fascinated and passionate about music and cover songs as I am!

Some of my biggest thrills come from a loud ‘n’ twisted or softly mesmerising remake.

From electro-pop to folk-rock, this playlist contains the best of the Plutonic Group Syncs roster…All of the best cover songs in one playlist!

Plutonic Group Syncs | Representing Great Music Worldwide

  1. Get Up, Stand Up
  2. Tender (Blur cover)
  3. Joyride (Roxette Cover)
  4. It Was A Very Good Year (Frank Sinatra cover)
  5. Don't Explain (Billie Holiday Cover)
  6. Can't Stop Loving You
  7. Kids In America [Acoustic Cover]
  8. Three Little Birds
  9. Willow's Song
  10. Ironic
  11. Knockin On Heavens Door
  12. Release Is In The Eye
  13. Love Will Tear Us Apart
  14. Mr Tambourine Man (Bob Dylan Cover)
  15. Bang Bang (Nancy Sinatra Cover)

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