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Choir of Young Believers : Danish Indie Sampler : Plutonic Group

Choir of Young Believers | Tigerspring Music

In the last few years, the Danish indie music scene has risen sharply and there’s a wealth of bands, solo artists and producers that beg to be discovered outside of Denmark’s borders.

Okay, so yeah – Denmark may not be widely accepted as the musical centre of the world, but there is a lush banquet of exquisite and groundbreaking Danish indie music awaiting your ears if you listen just a little harder.

Along with our fascination with Nordic noir and Danish crime drama on TV, here in the UK, our appetite for the distinct twangs of Scandinavian and Nordic music has also become insatiable. As we moved rapaciously from The Killing to Borgen and then on to The Bridge, we’re also on the hunt for even more Scandi music action and new talent like Blaue Blume, Fallulah, Trentemøller, Agnes Obel, WhoMadeWho and Kill J.

That said, many of these brilliant acts are still unknown to the general public, for some unknown reason. SO, as a result, we’ve gone ahead and decided to feature a few Danish indie acts you need to discover – artists that simply deserve more attention from both domestic and foreign trendsetters. One of these (or all of them) could very well be the next big thing.

The Danish indie artists we’ve chosen below represent the best mix of new talent that have just broken onto the scene as well as more established acts, from a wide spectrum of genres. While Sweden continues to dominate as a centre of production, its close neighbours offer up their own innovative takes on popular music, bringing with them home-grown influences alongside foreign ones.

We ask that you not view this sync sampler as our reserve must-hear list. Instead, why not see it as sort of the next wave of must-see acts to conquer both national and international blogs, festivals, stages and a TV/Film or Advertisement placement near you!

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Plutonic Group Syncs | Representing GREAT Music Worldwide

  1. Hollow Talk
  2. 7 Sins
  3. Beautiful Ones
  4. Loverboy
  5. We Got It
  6. Overrun
  7. Swallow Your Pride
  8. I See These Things Happening
  9. Stand Still
  10. Nightsong
  11. Moldavia
  12. Labyrinth Like Mind
  13. Hey Boy
  14. Lupus
  15. Force of Nature
  16. You Know That I Would