New Sync Placement: ‘Light My Way’


New Sync Placement: Keep your ears wide open and eyes peeled for the film “Tomorrow” directed by Martha Pinson and produced by no less than Martin Scorsese, which premiered  at The Cannes Film Festival.

“Tomorrow” stars Stephen FryJoss Stone and Sophie Kennedy Clark and will include a cameo by John Fairhurst performing one of his classics ‘Light My Way’.

Martin Scorsese executive produced Tomorrow, a British feature marking the big-screen directorial debut for the filmmaker’s longtime script supervisor, Martha Pinson. The movie, written by Stuart Brennan and Sebastian Street, is billed as a feel-good story about five main characters living for the day.

It was script writer Street and the film director, who handpicked John’s music to appear in the production, which is set for release in 2016.

It’s safe to say that John Fairhurst’s music is making some serious inroads in film soundtracks on productions big and small, as the rock blues singer has spent his recent time brushing shoulders and performing songs for future Hollywood blockbuster films. There will be new sync placements in several independent productions in 2016.

The last year has seen John release his latest album Saltwater, sign a world wide publishing deal with Metropolis Studios in London and pioneer the new Electro Blues sound.

With a host of major UK festivals appearances soon to be announced, a variety of exciting collaborations already underway and a set of new releases ready to be unleashed in the upcoming months, 2015 is going to be explosive for John Fairhurst.

About the Film, Tomorrow

The film explores the difficult reintegration into normal society of battle-worn soldiers “It’s an amazing script, with colourful characters and a truly uplifting story. The dialogue is brilliant and believable; the reversals and surprises are well placed and powerful. The characters and situations are vividly drawn,” said Pinson. The film deals with a number of important issues, including HIV and soldiers returning home with post-traumatic stress disorder and will be making an important statement in how it addresses these. Those are timely choices with the U.K.’s combat mission in Afghanistan that came to an end, December, last year.

With Martha at the helm, it’s going to be a beautiful picture. It superbly illustrates the difficulty of moving on from loses and injuries, to forge a life, to find sustaining work, and experience love.

“This is an acute challenge for a person in their mid to late 20s, which has not been extensively explored. For an injured veteran or someone who is HIV positive it is colossal.”

Stephen Fry (The Hobbit), Stephanie Leonidas (Defiance), Sebastian Street (Age of Heroes), Stuart Brennan (Risen), Sophie Kennedy-­Clark(Nymphomaniac 1 & 2,) who has recently been nominated for a BAFTA for her role in Philomena.  James Cosmo, (Braveheart, Games of Thrones), Paul Kaye (Blackball, Game of Thrones) Joss Stone (The Tudors) Ricki Hall and Will Tudor (Game of Thrones) round out the cast of Tomorrow.

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