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‘Full of wide open spaces & emotional leanings that pull you in like a venus fly trap-linger too long and swoosh-you are his’
~ Tom Robinson Fresh on the Net-BBC Radio 6

‘A strange mix of Chris Isaak and Jason Molina, beautiful and touching’
~ ‘Dans le Mur Du Son’

‘A different strain of sound, one you couldn’t mimic vocally unless you had a special something’
~ B Side Blog

Eastern Seaboard Radio Station, are an alternative folk rock band, whose 8 track self-titled album was released Summer 2015.. It’s founder, Paul Littlewood, has released solo recordings, ‘Butterfly House, Photograph and Scattered by Birds’, from 2012 to 2014 and also performs with blues rock band , Fallen Trees.

Eastern Seaboard Radio Station-Paul-Littlewood-Plutonic-Group-SyncsLittlewood has a signature arrangement style, a way of doing songs. No fancy tricks, no production wizardry, just subtly changing low-key textures and a voice. Born and raised in South Yorkshire in the North of England he has spent most of his 31 years writing and performing, developing a sound which is uniquely inspired by his changing surroundings. A huge fan of lo-fi, all of his compositions are recorded on a beloved Zoom MRS-1266, 8 track recorder, giving listeners freedom to find in them what they wish.

One listen after another, you recognise what stands out on each track: the voice. Grave, suave, deep, always tinged with emotion, he hesitates constantly between the singer and an Americana crooner – tired by life, heat and whiskey. You may also think this is a strange hybrid of Jason Molina and Chris Isaak, with the cursor tending to move from one to the other, depending on the title.

The eight songs  prove quite varied, from the melancholy piano ballad (‘Eastern Seaboard Radio Station’) to the raw heavy guitars to Americana, near Magnolia Electric Co. (‘Death in the Valley’) or Woven Hand (‘Lily Belle’).

Littlewood, 33, provides the instrumentation and production on ESRS’s self-titled debut and notes Neil Young’s ‘doom trilogy’ records and Jason Molina as major influences.

Black Moon by Eastern Seaboard Radio Station, will be released on 21st December 2015!

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Sit back and enjoy the imagery and sounds of Eastern Seaboard Radio Station

  1. Black Moon
  2. Make a Change
  3. Under the Sun

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