Ellie Goulding: How she provided music for “Divergent” film Soundtrack

In an exclusive behind the scenes video Ellie Goulding reveals exactly what it was like to work on her first film score for sci-fi flick Divergent.


Ellie Goulding | "Divergent" Film Soundtrack

Golden girl: Ellie’s co producers praised Ellie’s talent for working so well with the films soundtrack

Ellie Goulding, whose track Beating Heart features in the final scene of the sci-fi movie, as well as voicing some other parts revealed in the behind the scenes video that she ‘loved’ the experience. It is the first time the 27-year-old singer has recorded a sound track for a feature length film, and she needn’t be worried as her co-workers well full of praise for the Burn hit maker.

‘I got involved in Divergent because the makers of the film and Junkie who was producing all the music wanted me to provide some songs or provide my vocals and my input in the film and so I went to LA to watch a screening of it and I loved it’ The Burn singers co-creators were full of praise for the 27-year-old, music producer Tom Holkenborg, otherwise known as Junkie XL said: ‘I have been familiar working with Ellie and she has been a intricate part of the score which I think is great and unique to get an artist in and how she is positioned all over the score, it helps to create the inner voice of the character which speaks to the audience’

Ellie Goulding talks about how she got involved with Divergent


Ellie Goulding | 'Divergent' Film Soundtrack

At work: Ellie looked focused as she was recording her song for the soundtrack of Divergent

Tom Holkenborg, Music Producer | Ellie Goulding | "Divergent" Film Soundtrack

Starry Eyed: Music producer Tom Holkenborg, otherwise known as Junkie XL praised Ellie’s work on the sound track


Hard at work: The behind the scenes video shows the creative process Ellie went through to work on the movie score
Director Neil burger said: ‘Ellie is a great singer and has a great voice which gets you inside the characters head and to make it from her point of view as well as drive it forward in an energetic way’ Ellie concluded how much she loved the story of the film in the exclusive clip: ‘its a beautiful story, its futurisitc but its epic and its like a classic love story, there is all kinds of things going on and I think people will really love it’.
Ellie Goulding | Divergent Film Soundtrack | Director Neil Burger

‘Great singer’: Director Neil Burger was full of kind words when it came to talking about the Burn singers work on the soundtrack

Everyone might get a bit annoyed with my voice. ‘I would love to appear on the next sound track. I would like to do stuff that’s a more bit out of my comfort zone and a bit different. I make a lot of pop music that’s my true love, but yeah, I’d love to keep doing music with these guys.’






Divergent – based on the novel of the same name by Veronica Roth – is set in a dystopian futuristic Chicago and sees people divided into five distinct factions based on their personalities.


Ellie Goulding | 'Divergent' Film Soundtrack

Focused: Ellie has spoken out about how much she enjoyed the project, and would like to be considered for the second film in the series