Epic Music Compilation of Awesomeness

PGS Sync Sampler: Epic Music Compilation

Plutonic-Group-Syncs-Samplers-Epic Music Compilation

A new Plutonic Group playlist – an epic music compilation featuring boombastic sync-friendly morsels from Sticky Blood, Victoria and Jacob, Secret Colours, Benbo, Public Enemy, Adem and so many more!

A playlist of 20+ of some of our best tracks representing the best of Indie Pop, UK Hip Hop, Acoustic Folk, Indietronica, Alternative Rock, Scramble Pop, Blues Rock to soundtrack your Television, Film, Promo project or Advertising campaign. It’s easy with our iconic, dreamy, funky multigenre based non-mainstream music!

Plutonic Group Syncs | Representing GREAT Music Worldwide

Instrumentals are available upon request – Contact us for more details!

  1. Supernatural
  2. Man Plans God Laughs
  3. It Can't Be Simple
  4. I Try Not To Freak Out About It
  5. If You Feel Emotional
  6. Skydive
  7. Desire
  8. Professional (Radio Edit)
  9. Not Today
  10. Obnox Stomp
  11. Worst Part
  12. Man
  13. No Shelter
  14. Northern Soul
  15. Goodbye
  16. It's Nice To Feel Alive
  17. Trees And Gold
  18. Only One Still Dancing
  19. I See You
  20. Julia
  21. Surrounded

Interested in licensing these and/or other tracks for your media project?
Contact: Pam ☛ syncs@plutonicgroup.com