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Music Of FinlandScandinavia has become a hotbed for forward-thinking music steeped in pop sensibility and experimental tendencies. While electronic, metal, rock, and hip-hop have all thrived in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, there is still something about pop. When it comes to pop music, it seems that Scandinavia can do no wrong.

Now you can add another country to that list (though technically not Scandi) – Finland is a bona fide hotspot for new talent! From confrontational pop to big-beat hip hop, 2016 is looking like it’s going to offer up even more exciting music that previous years (which have seen the likes of Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Mirel Wagner, Noah Kin and more take to international stages).

Yet people often ask why the Finns have exported so little popular music when Sweden has risen to third place (after the USA and the UK) in the export figures for popular music. The answer has mainly been the Finns themselves, their taste in music and the small domestic market. The Finns have tended to favour hits sung in Finnish and a hybrid genre of hit and rock known as Suomi-rock.

Luckily, things have drastically changed and we here at Plutonic Group Syncs are more than happy to do our part to spread the word on the new and explosive sounds coming out of Finland onto our music roster…

Allow us to introduce you to:


Terminé Sideways EP : Plutonic Group SyncsThis is ‘Sideways’ – the debut 5-track EP from Finnish duo Terminé  released via Finnish label, Youth Control.  Terminé is the brainchild of prolific Finnish DJ Anton Sonin (Anjunabeats, Spinnin’ Records and Universal Music) and singer songwriter Ben Andreas . Together they have created an EP that comfortably sits at the coolest of intersections between indie-rock and dance music. It’s music for lazy, hazy sun filled days and sunset beach parties.

The band have described their music as “new-wave indie-rock meets the infamous Panorama Bar at Berghain…influenced by the moody and epic atmosphere of french indie music, combined with 4/4 beats of kinda early-morning after-hours somewhere in East Berlin”.

The EP’s title track, ‘Sideways,’ kicks off the release with an echoing guitar riff before being joined by a repetitive xylophonic bassline, reminiscent of Dario G’s 90s seminal tropical-house track Sunchyme, before Andreas’ vocals begin to soar above the music’s foundations. As the layers build in intensity with the addition of percussion and synths, the track develops to a guitar-led breakdown, staying true to the duo’s unique blend of electro-indie tones.

The euphoric second track, ‘Turn Off The Lights’, continues with their chilled vibe, with the soothing vocals once again taking centre stage to the expertly layered sound-world crafted by Sonin, including powerful but unobtrusive percussion and even a biblical organ chord sequence. ‘Satellites’ continues the theme of echoing guitar riffs: layered with samples and punchy bass, the track has expertly timed peaks and troughs, stripping the song back to basics to highlight first a catchy bass riff and then Andreas’ haunting falsetto vocals, before the dance-inspired rhythms and synths rejoin once again before a slow fade out.

Consistently engaging and diverse enough to be interesting from first to last. This is an exciting start from this Finnish duo.

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Music You Should Know :: Feels :: Plutonic Group SyncsFeels was formed by singer and songwriter Sofi Meronen, keyboardist Mikael Myrskog and producer Jooel Jons. Together the sparkling trio describe their music as, ‘epic, gripping and toned with northern melancholy’.

If you love the idea of ‘northern melancholy’; it’s a huge theme in their songwriting and appeal to electro-pop from this beautiful part of the world. So much Scandi-pop, and dream pop, sounds very melancholic from the outset though it is often used to poignantly, and beautifully illustrate the open, icy, shimmering landscapes of Finland and the rest of Scandinavia.

So on the Feels  first EP ‘Butterflies’ we have the perfect Scandi-pop, indietronica mixture of soaring electronic synths and icy melodies with beautiful lyrics beneath that combines into a dreamy, grandiose sound with a huge sense of hope ahead.

‘If You’d Meet Me Tonight’ is a beautiful, poignant ballad which is quite clearly about love and pain and will make you feels all the feels. Whilst it has an undeniable Scandic-Pop beat and sound to it, it also has a sweet and nostalgic 60s girl group quality to it as well, and this is particularly illustrated in their music video above. It’s utterly romantic and Sofi’s sweet delivery makes you feel utterly nostalgic and into a state of pure serenity.

But of all the tracks on this EP, it’s without a doubt that  ‘Smoke Signals’ has the most grit. It’s playful yet gorgeously dark and enigmatic. With a wild flurry of a playful synth beats, it builds to a truly irresistible epic sounding finale that truly calls to mind the spectacular Finnish backdrop. It’s that type of music where you want to be tucked up in a gorgeous Finnish cabin with a hot chocolate by your side and you never know, the appearance of the Northern Lights perhaps!

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Anni - Redemption Street EP | Finland | Plutonic Group SyncsYour new favourite Finn, Anni, takes classic songwriting and contemporary beats to create a 5-track EP that demonstrates an exceptionally strong musical talent.

The piano skills she’s famous for have been perfectly captured on the songs, and her lyrics carry a rare kind of honesty and empathy.

She sounds refreshingly Nordic, and yet her music is undeniably universal.

The instrumentation is a mixture of synths and beats and delicate piano. Each beat is atmospheric and transcendent, a great rhythm to close your eyes and sway to. They are as equally empathetic and authentic as her lyricism.

Redemption Street is about authenticity, she says. “It’s an anthem to the future generation to be themselves and accept whatever imperfections and scars they might have in life. Once you choose to step into the path of authenticity, you walk through a mental pitch black where you are confronting everything about yourself you have been hiding and denying in order to fit in and be liked. You have to choose mercy and self-love.

At the end of this dark journey, is the most awesome life you can imagine. For me, that journey was Redemption Street.”

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  1. Sideways
  2. Satellites
  3. Turn Off The Lights
  4. I Wished For Butterflies
  5. Next Time
  6. Weightless
  7. Smoke Signals
  8. Stains
  9. If You Would Know Me Now

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