Indie Band Day: Support a Band That Makes the Music

Indie Band Day

Indie Band Day

I love record stores. I love the idea of Record Store Day. But it dawned on me this morning of Record Store Day that what we really need is to support the bands that make the music. What we really need is a Indie Band Day.

There are so many great indie bands out there that need any support they can get, but you are not going to find their music in a record store. Record Store Day supports the stores and the artists able to get their product into a store. Many bands may never even release physical product to buy in a record store. Or if they do release a CD they will never get it into a record store. So, go find an indie band you like and go visit their website and buy just one of their products… a digital download, a cd, a t-shirt, something, anything. Support a band.

Indie Band Day, what do you think? Lets pick a date, have a suggestion?

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