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PGS Sync Sampler :: Indie Rock

Plutonic-Group-Sync-Sampler-This-Is-Indie-Rock-sdcldWe’ve curated an indie rock playlist and picked out the best indie songs we highly recommend you listen to! Luckily, we’ve got you covered so you don’t have to search through Spotify to compile the perfect guide of perfect music.

Press play and you’ll find blues/rock, garage rock – some contemporary, others classic vintage tunes – and everything inbetween! Make room in your life for your soon-to-be favourite new indie rock tracks!


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  1. Blackbird Only One
  2. Time Will Tell
  3. Purple Neon Lights
  4. Take Your Medicine
  5. She's The Kind
  6. Vagabond Train
  7. You Seem Confused
  8. Supernatural
  9. Blood Spitting
  10. City Slicker
  11. In My Cell
  12. There She Goes
  13. The Color of Blood
  14. Sniffing the Bushes
  15. I Tell No Lies
  16. Days to Come
  17. A Little Lit Up
  18. Dangerous Confessions
  19. Glasshouses
  20. She'll Lie

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