Israel Makes Music : PGS Sync Sampler

What Israeli Music Scene? Israel Makes Music..

Cherie And Renno : PGS Sync SamplerIf you’ve been sitting around wondering what the indie music scene in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and other parts of Israel is like (as I’m sure you have), wonder no more, because we’ve put together a list of the best bands to watch! Israel’s vibrant music scene is pumping out originality and groove that’s attracting attention worldwide.

Israel is a small county and because of that, many musicians and artists know each other and are often involved in some way with friends projects and collaborations. Its musicians are hard at work creating, innovating and blending harmonies to a totally original tune, garnering headlines the world over for their unique blends of world music.

The Israeli music arena is bubbling with talent in all genres – jazz, pop, rock, alternative, opera, folk, instrumental, hip hop, world music – and you’ll regularly find blue-and-white talent at bars, clubs, concerts,college campuses and festivals in Europe, Israel and North America.

The music, like our playlist, is as eclectic as one could get, with tracks from Izabo, whose diverse musical style ranges from indie rock, disco and Middle Eastern music to ORi, who is so badass, he created his own genre – somewhere between Electronica, R’n’B, Pop and Ambient.

And then there’s Acollective, “This seven-piece act, a self-described mix of ‘boogied-folk, electronic-jazz and a Middle Eastern-bluesy twang’ are probably one of the best musical exports from Tel Aviv,” cites NME Magazine.

From cool electronic beats to quirky acoustic soundscapes, the rich and creative sound of each featured artist/band can turn anyone of their tracks into one of the longtime favourites on your indie playlist. These indie acts are some of the most impressive we’ve heard and will be ones to watch in 2017.

No idea what any of them sound like? No problem, listen below:

Plutonic Group Syncs | Representing GREAT Music Worldwide

  1. Dreamit
  2. Hits
  3. Pancakes
  4. Clean Soft Fresh And Comfortable
  5. Behind Your Back
  6. Right On Me
  7. Moscow
  8. Going All The Way
  9. Are We Good
  10. Shawarma Hunters
  11. Say My Name
  12. U
  13. Gonna Be Alright Part I
  14. Gonna Be Alright Part II

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