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PGS Sync Sampler : Japanese Indie Music

Japanese Indie Music-Plutonic-Group-Sync-Samplers-It-Came-From-Japan-sdcldThe music of Japan includes a wide array of performers in distinct and diverse styles both traditional and modern. When you mention Japanese music, most people immediately conjure up images of cutesy bubblegum pop groups with colourful costumes like AKB48. However, like other Far Eastern countries, there’s so much more to modern Japanese indie music than just J-pop. The underground and indie music scene in Japan is very much alive, with bands busking and holding small ‘live’ performances regularly.

Here is our favourite eclectic playlist of Japanese alternative and indie rock bands, Singer Songwriters and one Japanese expat who lives in Paris and writes and sings in French! Whether they’re leaning more towards folk, progressive or experimental electronica, these tracks are fantastic to listen to from beginning to end. Each produce music that sounds genuinely beautiful, simply through their own brand of authentic, organic song writing.

Discover awesome songs and artists you’ve probably not heard – from alternative rock to electronic, folk-pop to dream pop, these 3 Japanese indie music artists cover a wide variety of music genres. If you’ve been thinking to update your playlist, we couldn’t suggest a better group of tracks!

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  1. I Love Rock and Roll
  2. Poets
  3. You And The Ocean
  4. Miracle in the Maze
  5. Holy Day
  6. Fantasia
  7. Ghost Ship
  8. Fenetorito
  9. Sinked Moon And Chocolate
  10. Chapardeuse
  11. Transports en commun
  12. Ce soir

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