License Request Form

The Plutonic Group License Request Form

Preparing your request for a music license
We need to know as much information about your production, product or service as possible in order to determine whether we may grant you a license and if so, under what terms. The more accurate and complete your license request form is, the sooner you will get a response from us.
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Synchronization Request
To initiate a License Request please complete the form below. An authorised agent will review your query and respond to you promptly. Upon submission, you will receive an automatic confirmation email. Please note there is a limit of one song per application.

Please specify exactly what rights you require - i.e. all media; all media, excluding theatrical; film festivals; theatrical; free/network TV; basic cable/satellite TV; pay/subscription TV; all forms of home video/DVD; radio; common carriers (airplanes, etc.), Internet (streaming and/or downloadable); Industrial (corporate use); live dramatic performance, etc


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