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Look of Love | ABC

Look of Love | ABC

Look of Love | ABC


We are proud to represent The Look of Love for sync. This is the recording of their hit single and the band own the masters.

Look of Love is a song recorded by ABC in 1981, included on their debut album, The Lexicon of Love.

Released as a single and as a 12″ remix, it went to number one on the Billboard Dance/Disco chart as well as the Canadian pop singles chart. It was their biggest hit in the UK Singles Chart, peaking at number 4, and was a Top 20 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S, peaking at number 18.


The Look of Love consists of four parts, referred to as “Parts One, Two, Three and Four”. Part One is the standard album version, Part Two is an instrumental version, Part Three is a vocal remix and Part Four is a short acoustic instrumental part of the song, containing strings and horns, as well as occasional harp plucks and xylophone. A different US remix Dub version by producer Trevor Horn appeared as a-side on the 1982 US 12″.

The ’82 US Remix dub version was not widely available after its initial release, but the track remained much in demand by club DJs and fans alike, and copies of the original 12″ version fetched high prices. When Neutron (the band’s UK label) discovered this, they issued a limited edition dj-pressing of the Horn remix in November 1982 as a DJ promo 12″ vinyl under the title “ABC Look Of Love Special Remix 12” Neutron NTXDJ103.

The Look of Love | ABC remix

Through the 1980s, BBC Radio 1 DJ Gary Davies used the last crescendo on Part 2 of the song as a closing theme to his daily lunchtime programme called The Bit In The Middle, only changing it in 1991 when his show was rebranded as Let’s Do Lunch and given fresh music beds and themes.