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The Last Morning Soundtrack

The Last Morning Soundtrack | Plutonic Group SyncsFrench band, ‘Last Morning Soundtrack’, led by Rennes-based songwriter, Sylvain Texier, returns with eleven folk songs – elegant and delicate, all supported by intimate songwriting of aerial melodies.

It’s been five years since Sylvain Texier invited us to lose ourselves through the soundscapes of The Last Morning Soundtrack. A project of melancholy and trippy atmospheres in which the singer and the musicians develop delicate folk-pop, a cross between Damien Rice and Jonsi. The new album radiates a sweet sadness with a strong hypnotic power.

Sumptuous melodies, golden arrangements, arpeggios of crystalline guitars and celestial strings and that velvety voice … contemplative, ethereal atmospheres, infinitely gentle and poetic…

Always faithful to the basics of this rather personal project, you’ll find cinematic folk woven with intimacy and light melancholy, influenced from his American cousins ​​Chris Garneau or Bon Iver.

Alternating between confidence and doubt, his new compositions of lulled piano drops and silky strings weave a fragile cocoon that owes as much to the orchestrated ballads of Nick Drake.. the soft arpeggios of the acoustic guitar of Neil Halstead or the ambient, atmospheric piano drops of Nils Frahm.

A feast of production, intimate, discreet but prominent – songs dedicated to the feeling of love, modest heartbreak, where gravity hurts and heals (Echoes Of Our Days), melancholy is intimate joy (Appointment), the day promises consolation (Your Tomorrows) and an afternoon of intimate piano turns into dancing chorus (beautiful Home).

Beautiful compositions – always engaging with a plethora of musical influences (indie folk, ambient music, pop home),”Promises of Pale Nights’ is an indispensable rendezvous with modern French pop.

The Last Morning Soundtrack will help you endure the long winter nights with the promise of the approaching spring.

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Set the mood right in your TV, Film or Advert with these gorgeous compositions from The Last Morning Soundtrack

  1. Home
  2. From Now On
  3. As Lonely As I Am
  4. Your Lights
  5. Our Wasted Sighs
  6. Lovers' Whispers
  7. We Might Need an Ending

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