Music Project: ‘Kiss & Dive’ by Nissy (Japan) – CUT

– new album “HOCUS POCUS”
2016 March 24 release on Mu-Mo ITunes

HOCUS POCUS is the first studio album released by Nissy – It  has been two and a half years since Nissy (Nishijima Takahiro) one day out of the blue, posted an unknown music video, the track‘Doushiyouka’  on You Tube, which became his first solo-released single. Bringing back glimpses of previous hits like どうしようか? ‘Doushiyouka’ (‘What should I do?’) and ‘DANCE DANCE DANCE’, the high spirited 1/7th member of the Avex-born band, takes it up a notch with the release of his long-awaited album, “HOCUS POCUS”!

Nissy posted his hand written messages in Japanese and English on his official website, to show gratitude to his loyal fans who have been anxiously waiting for this release. A storm of excitement on Twitter helped to drive the album to the No.1 position on iTunes (Japan) on the first day of it’s release!

Jpop Master Camp - Taka Shirose, Beanz Rudden, David Fremberg (Roasting House)

Writing the track, ‘Kiss & Dive’ – Taka Shirose, Beanz Rudden, David Fremberg (Roasting House)

Crossing over between R&B flavours, electro-pop and dance beats, ‘Hocus Pocus’ has all the fundamental qualities to pierce every fan’s heart and lure them into sonic ecstasy: bright brass bullets, sumptuous backing vocals, foot-tapping beats and the seductive vocals of Nishijima that extends towards his falsetto range. And when you hear that funky guitar riff of the contemporary upbeat number,”KISS & DIVE,” you can thank my co-writer, David Fremberg (RH), a genius producer, along with the J-pop hitmaker, Taka Shirose (Universal) and myself, Beanz Rudden! This track was created in Malmö, Sweden at the Roasting House Publishing J-pop Master Songwriting camp hosted by Soundgraphics  

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Nissy, (pronounced Nishi / ニッシー) entertainment career spans many areas from music, TV dramas, movies and dancer  – and the lead singer of the popular J-Pop boy band AAA (Attack All Around) since their debut back  in 2005 with the single “Blood on Fire,” the theme song to the live-action film Initial D: The Movie, an adaptation of the popular Japanese manga of the same name.

Produced by one of Japanese pop’s foremost impresarios, Masto “Max” Matsuura, dance-vocal act AAA are a rare commodity in J-pop in that they are a mixed-sex group aimed at both female teenagers and male music fans. With cofounder and president of the Avex Trax record label Matsuura calling the shots, AAA has been able to secure the songwriting services of big-name producers all around the world!

Nissy – Number 1 on iTunes…

Nissy iTunes Chart Topper


[CD only tracklist]
1. Playing With Fire
2. What to do?
3. Never Stop
6. Telepathy
7. Selfish
11. My Luv