Music Projects :: ‘Mr. Lonely’ by Arashi (Japan) – CUT

ARASHI – No 1 in Japan

Roasting House Publishing (Sweden) announced: ‘The new Arashi single “Ai Wo Sakebe” went straight to No. 1 in the Japanese Oricon charts as well as No. 2 on the Global sales charts last week, which also featured our song “Mr.Lonely” written by our Kanata Okajima and our guest writer Beanz Rudden together with Trevor Ingram..’

So in May I was honoured to be invited to Sweden for a J-Pop Master Songwriting camp, hosted by Roasting House Publishing and Soundgraphics Music (Japan) – 4 months later one of the songs I co-wrote shot up the charts in record time to the No. 1 spot having sold over half a million in the 1st week alone, thus going multi platinum!

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Arashi is a common Japanese word meaning “storm” but utter it to any Japanese person and images of the top male idol unit in the country will likely cross their minds before those of cloudy skies and overflowing gutters. Not a day goes by without Arashi appearing on some television show, and every album they release is pretty much guaranteed to hit number one.

– 嵐 or “Arashi” are currently the top artist in Japan, and they do everything.  The five-member band debuted in 1999 and are considered a national treasure and music icons in the entertainment industry. Arashi covers a wide range of music, including R&B, hip hop and various forms of pop music.  Arashi songs embody the very standard of J-pop music – aside from being a popular boy band in Japan, the group is widely known across Asia and to J-pop fans all over the world.

J-pop staple Arashi topped the charts, once again…

Plutonic Productions :: Music Projects - Arashi


Limited Edition Release

1: 愛を叫べ (Ai wo Sakebe, Recruit Zexy CM song)
2: ユメニカケル (Yume ni Kakeru, JAL 2015 campaign song)
3: Mr. Lonely
4: 愛を叫べ (Ai wo Sakebe, karaoke)
5: Mr. Lonely (karaoke)