⍕ 470 Nanometers ⍕


In his never-ending quest to conquer every genre, musical polymath Toby Driver serves up an opus of pure beauty on ‘470 nanometers’. He applies a multi-layered sound, minimalistic melodies, and textures to make complete works of true sonic art.

“470 Nanometers” is a more guitar focused – an energetic piece and an album highlight. reminiscent of the maudlin of the Well reunion album Part the Second. 

Dazzling King Crimson guitar lines drive through the opening with pulsing percussion as violins play over grooving drums. Surprisingly energetic, the exceptionally brisk rhythm swings up to become the dominant element.

The drumming is still soft and the two guitar melodies play in harmony with each other like an instrumental duet. When the vocals enter, the albums trademark violins enter as well. There also seems to be a bigger focus on Toby’s voice;  harmonized and sitting higher in the mix, gives the calm, multi-layered vocals a beautiful yet ghostly sound.

Given plenty of breathing space, the 6 songs on They Are the Shield are much less urged to vary, and gracefully develop instead.

Driver roams through progressive, unconventional notions of baroque pop music. Thus creating an eclectic, as well as, original contemporary beauty.

Toby Driver’s genre dabblings forced fans to be broad-minded whenever they encounter his work, whatever form it might take. They Are the Shield keeps with this tradition.

They Are the Shield finds Toby Driver continuing to evolve as a solo artist. Fluid, hazily reminiscent of his earlier works but reshaped and tinged with goth, industrial, and art-pop. An undefined middle ground between chamber music and post-rock..


RIYL: maudlin of the Well, King Crimson, late Talk Talk