⌅ After All ⌅



Trumpets of Consciousness transport us into the optimistic harmony of art pop on their track, ‘After All‘. Modern pop rock melodies ride alongside driving 60s-inspired-US-influenced folk, making this an ideal introduction to the band. Sweet and catchy with its bright jangly guitar melody, pedal steel, Hammond organ under the playful yet energetic indie vocals.

On Trumpets of Consciousness, their self-titled debut,  Labey invites us on a kaleidoscopic voyage. A swaying excursion in search of Wilson, Lennon or Garson. Lulled by influences ranging from classic Beach Boys to modern Tame Impala, Labey notably, places modern sounds alongside sixties melodies

Founded in 2015 by the singer and composer Thibauld Labey, a sort of Wayne Coyne Gallo, whose talent for songwriting could be defined as space folk.  Hailing from Lyon,  Labey found himself in a community of musicians, inspired by sounds of the 60’s. It was there he developed a discourse as fresh as it is far from the nostalgic style he composes. 

In fact, this piece seduces by releasing something like a sweet retro charm, but from a time we can’t exactly pinpoint; a kind of general and pleasant nostalgia.  Labey composes his freedom and experience, abandoning himself in poetry on the piano as well as the guitar

Whatever projects to which he finds himself attached, Thibauld Labey (ex-A * Song) has always shown a melodic ease and a pop grace. Rich in indisputable qualities, Trumpets Of Consciousness reigns supreme in both terms of impressive songwriting, and impeccable interpretation.

On the cover (a magnificent painting by David Sala), we see Thibauld on a horse, a sort of pop folk Don Quixote. In search of the ever elusive ‘perfect’ pop song. Anyway, that’s what we see there, because that’s exactly what this record reminds me of.

RIYL: The Band, Big Star