Ain’t Sleeping Alright

ø Ain’t Sleeping Alright ø

CeaseTone started out as an acoustic solo project with Hafsteinn Þráinsson in 2012. Since then experiments have been tested and maturity has expanded the project into a full five-piece band with synths, drum pads and booming soundscapes.

The track, ‘Ain’t Sleeping Alright‘ is an anthemic rock rocket launcher made of hymnic heights with Agent Fresco like powerful riffs and occasional use of synthesizers  – anthemic with quiet fragments and startlingly intense moments featuring an indie lead male vocal accompanied by harmonic female backing vocals that build with a soaring ‘ooh-oh-oh’ chorus @1’31 and @3’21.

Ain’t Sleeping Alright‘ is arranged with extreme precision, creating a richly decorated space, hypnotizing with its emotional atmosphere and epic glam impetus.

RIYL: Crash Test Dummies, Smashing Pumpkins, Monotown, Árstíðir