Alice Loves

♢ Alice Loves ♢

Inspired by his time portraying TV detective John Luther, Idris Elba presents a unique musical interpretation of the sinister themes and settings explored in the series. ‘Murdah Loves John’ celebrates the dark urban sound and diversity of John Luther’s London – capturing the soundscapes and industrialness of the show onto an album.

As is heard in the murky, malevolent track, ‘Alice Loves‘,inspired by the show’s femme fatale, slightly builds with pulsing, multi-layered synths, an elegant yet distant piano and deep rhythmic bassline held down by a steady drum beat. Tense, dark and cinematic with the powerful and emotive male vocals of Fred Cox over the dynamically menacing textures.

Fans of the show get to experience the character of John Luther in a different way while Idris recruited an effective team of musicians to create something special and the result is a solid staple to the star’s portfolio.