Plutonic Group Syncs :: D.lights - All Day (2015)

All Day

✦ All Day ✦


‘All Day’ – Cool, stuttering funky jazz hip hop with a processed Rhodes, deep bass and sexy sax from Detroit-natives, D.Lights.

A laid back, lounge hip hop piece woven into a deep post-jazz flow. A mélange of a pulsing, hypnotic synth hooks/loops glide over an edgy groove throughout ‘All Day’. The track is further transformed with a deep yet subtle bass line, driving rhythms and percussion, muted brass stabs. The lyrical flow of a socially conscious male rapper invokes imagery of the conditions around us.

International Hip Hop

In 2013, the French label, Jarring Effects initiated a collection of international projects. The Cape Town Effects project was an artistic, human and cultural meeting of French and South African artists. This venture pulled together around a disc, a documentary, exhibitions and cultural mediation to explore an unbeaten musical path.

Once again, the 2015 marked the collection to experience artistic and human encounters between French and foreign artists. Faithful to the editorial thread of the collection, the label turned to another world city with emblematic history, Detroit.


Detroit – the world spearhead of soul and punk, the cradle of techno. The dormant city that learned to (re) build itself. Detroit represents values ​​close to those advocated by Jarring Effects; knowing how to rise up, to face crises and develop collective projects.

The second part of this collection was carried out, this time, with French and Detroit artists, under the code name D.Lights.

Led by a French delegation, composed of a hip-hop producer and an A&R scout, they met and selected some of the finest producers and rappers in Detroit. Eventually bringing together 2 beatmakers (French and American), 3 rappers from Detroit, and 1 remix for an album. In addition, the project resulted not only in a documentary, a tour, a wandering exhibition, and cultural meetings but also a new look on the city and its history.


RIYL: Nas, Talib Kweli, Gangstarr