Plutonic Group Syncs :: The Gentleman Losers - Always Crashing On The Same Wave (2018)

Always Crashing on the Same Wave

≆ Always Crashing on the Same Wave ≆

The Gentleman Losers is a rather downbeat name but it is a pair of brothers (Samu and Ville Kuukka) from Finland. Not a country known for its happy go lucky character. And so it is on their new album Make We Here Our Camp of Winter. This is their fourth full-length album since forming in 2004.

The sleek, round lap metal guitars fit like a glove to the minimalism of the vintage analogue synths on the track,  ‘Always Crashing on the Same Wave‘, built on clumsy beat structures created out of possibly field recorded sounds paired with a deep Post-PostRock attitude. The super-soft electronic beat throbs under distant piano notes along with an electric guitar decorated in reverb –  shimmering synths provide a glinting backdrop to lo-fi atmosphere while a kiss of tape hiss creates surface textures.

The Gentleman Losers compositions are always pervaded by a dreamlike character that is well suited to the icy Scandinavian glimpses – their soundscapes resulting from the flowing, vaporous electroacoustic textures and ethereal ambience.

Always Crashing on the Same Wave‘ provides a clue as to why a producer like Nils Frahm chose a Gentleman Losers track for his ‘Late Night Tales’ compilation in the past.

RIYL: Labradford, Boards of Canada, Calexico, Vincent Gallo, Nils Frahm, Bibio, Deaf Center