Plutonic Group Syncs :: 'As She Translated Into The Sky' by Levi Patel

And She Translated Into The Sky

⌖ And She Translated Into The Sky ⌖


The encapsulating quality of Levi Patel‘s music, significantly, speaks across his varied releases. You’ll hear the meticulous sophistication of Patel’s sound structures very clearly in the track, ‘And She Translated Into The Sky‘.

Fascinated by the sound and recording process, Patel refined his own compositional path. The New Zealander achieves this expression, chiefly, through an intelligent nesting of facets.  From modern classical music, tangents of post-rock and electronic nuances, all of which result in a homogeneous structure.

As the emotional and gently ambient track, ‘And She Translated Into The Sky‘ unfolds, it begins to cast a spell.

A fragile soundscape formed of superimposed voices blend into rhythmic post-rock guitar arpeggios. The track gradually builds from a dreamy opening morphing into an expansive crescendo of passionately, dramatic symphonic strings.

The use of sound layering and textures most vital for Patel’s ethereal sound, helps smooth everything out.

The up-and-coming composer and producer Levi Patel could be considered, somewhat of a ground breaker. He carved his own musical niche, markedly, by venturing down a path signposted by an ambient and classical sound. A sound that, surprisingly, goes unexplored by young New Zealand artists.

Patel unveiled his debut album Affinity to further showcase a range of ambient textures and poignant notes for you to enjoy..


RIYL: Rhian Sheehan, Olafur Arnalds, U137, Lights & Motion