Plutonic Group Syncs :: As She Passes Nocturne by Levi Patel

As She Passes (Nocturne)

◓ As She Passes (Nocturne) ◓


In 2019, New Zealand composer, Levi Patel unveiled ‘A Shifting Lightness I’. Written in isolation, the flow of his journey exploring light and memory would evolve, eventually, into subtle melodic ideas. Concepts which included a revised version of fan favourite, ‘As She Passes (Nocturne)’. 

Built around the central voice of the piano, this four track release, the first chapter in a larger body of work, scheduled for release as a triptych throughout 2020

As She Passes (Nocturne)’ is the equivalent of putting your music on auto-play when watching a magical sunset. The piece draws a bittersweet conclusion to the first chapter; a fleeting reminder of an old friend cast to time and memory.

The bittersweet piece opens with a delicate solo piano in the minimalist style. Nostalgic and expressive, the slow rise effect of lush orchestral strings that sweep across atmospheric pads. Listening to this track is the equivalent of putting your music on auto-play when watching a superb sunset – a warm, slowly evolving and emotional attack on the senses.

Within the song lies hidden meanings, a hidden emotion that, subsequently, only becomes apparent as a whole. Skip through the tracks and you’d miss it. Listen as a whole and you’ll be engrossed until the end.

Spellbinding, magical and utterly breath-taking…


RIYL:  Otto A Totland, Nils Frahm, Olafur Arnalds, Ed Carlsen