⑄ As She Passes ⑄


A Levi Patel fan favourite –  As She Passes retains a cinematic feel, but of a more intimate variety. Pristine, and beautiful in its simplicity.

With cathartic musical works, Patel‘s journey properly took flight in 2014 with his self-released EP Forms on Dado Records.  He took a break from writing his debut solo album, ‘Affinity’ to compose simple and intimate piano music. Subsequently returning with a mini EP, ‘Of Sleep and Time’, which he recognized as a ‘different approach’ to his earlier material.

But let us make this very clear –  a different approach, perhaps only to a musical genius like Levi Patel… sure it focuses more on the piano, and definitely less Soundtrack-y but to us mere mortals, the pure emotion and melancholy still remain.

‘Of Sleep and Time’ became the spiritual home to the much-loved composition, ‘As She Passes‘. The wistful gem ebbed its way into the consciousness of more than 600,000 online listeners. As of last count, it received well over 10 million streams across Soundcloud and Spotify worldwide.

The majority of Patel’s creative works take months and months of focused dedication to shape, but this piece, in particular, just poured out of him.

You’d be quick to draw comparisons with Nils Frahm’s early days, but it’s Olafur Arnalds and Otto A. Totland who’ll be witnessing a similar young prodigy tread in the same, gentle footsteps.


RIYL: Olafur Arnalds, Otto A. Totland