▲ Be ▲

Aurora Dee Raynes seemingly came out of nowhere to garner a significant amount of buzz in the underground EDM circuits. With the release of Do What You Do EP (WotNot Music), Aurora Dee Raynes stepped into the light out of the shadows. This EP is the collaborative efforts between rising beats/jungle/footwork producer Touchy Subject (Steven Raynes) and vocalist Danielle Kranendonk.

Their track, ‘Be‘, a unique blend of bass-heavy neo-soul, cool, late-night downtempo chillout with Rhodes piano & hypnotic jazz bass groove – minimalist synthesizer chords are splashed with subtle distortion effects, that expands the journey of the listener. Sultry, sensuous & soulful female vocals, a cross b/w Erykah Badu and Jillian Hervey – the spoken word lyrics come across as a conversation more than an actual song.

RIYL: Taylor McFerrin, Bonobo, Flying Lotus