Plutonic Group :: Emma's Imagination - Bells (Underway EP)


〖 bells 〗

Emma Gillespie (a.k.a ‘Emma’s Imagination’) 2013 EP ‘Underway’ is an extension of her debut album’s acoustic pop ditties, but the six songs presented are bluesier with a more mature, lived-in feel aided by stripped production.

Bewitching yet gentle folk-noir theme with Emma’s enchanting vocals, breathy and ethereal, hover over juddering fingerpicked guitar and an ensemble of atmospheric cymbals, sparse and distant drums along with synth strings, taking you on a dreamy journey into the world of Emma’s Imagination – pun intended.  Key/tempo change @1’49.

‘Bells’ starts off like Bright Eyes’ Don’t Know When But A Day Is Gonna Come, before coming across all Stealing Sheep. natural and organic, with an air of elegance about it.

Bells’ is a brilliant exercise in understated unease, again making use of the echo effect that makes Emma sound as if she’s singing beside an indoor swimming pool. The song makes something quite beautiful out of insecurity, and seems like an ideal slice of soundtrack music just waiting for the right spooky film.

RIYL: KT Tunstall, Feist, Fionn Regan