≗ Bliss ≗

 Ed Carlsen explores the most nostalgic and shadowy side of his sound palette on ‘Bliss‘.

Moderna Records specialise in music you’ll whimsically relax and feel with warm and fuzzy with or burst into tears – depending on your mood. They picked eight of their artists to showcase their piano skills for piano day 2018 on the ‘Intervals‘ album and it’s a wonderful collection for discovering new composers to enjoy, or just to set your mood.

Carlsen composed ‘Bliss‘, an intimate, decidedly reflective piece with a minimalist bent, including creaks & moans on piano. This understated piece channels bliss in a more pensive, gearing up manner with a simple arpeggio run and chord progression joined by lovely yet mournful cello @1:42.


RIYL: Julien Marchal, Levi Patel