Blood Moon

▒ Blood Moon ▒

Tobias Wilner and Bo Rande have become a sort of Massive Attack on their new album, ‘Blood Moon‘ in the way they stick to all the threads and yet get the most enjoyable visits from guest vocals that do well in the dark.

Their latest dream-like electronic pop offering, titled, ‘Blood Moon‘ moves between electronica with post-punk and gothic dream pop tones endowed with a cinematic vision. Soft, multi-layered male vocals float over dreamy yet eerie synth pulses, ending with discordant passages

With their delicate deliciousness of light filled dreams set ablaze against a dark, dramatic backdrop, their inspired electro-reverie showcases their mastery of conjuring up vivid soundscapes with flawless and intensely imaginative song-crafting.

“Blood Moon” is like a story of love that develops with every song…