〓 Boro Kitchen 4am 〓


It’s been six years since we last saw Matt Abbott and David Gledhill in the guise of Skint & Demoralised. After three albums (the first two pop classics), Abbott established himself as one the UK’s finest spoken word performers. Whilst Gledhill worked on his SOULS project. Amid the mire of Brexit, they’ve returned with new single Boro Kitchen 4am.

Boro Kitchen 4am is two minutes and forty-seven seconds of ideas; lyrical, raw and arguing. The insistence of its setting: politics and cheap lager at a Teeside party.

A drastic departure from Skint & Demoralised’s original late ‘00s ditties detailing teenage love affairs.

The duo channel a raucous poet-punk energy, with sonic influences ranging from ‘Sandinista’ to The Strokes. Musically, someone turned Art Brut’s amp setting to spiteful. Riffs and hooks not only aplenty, but they come at you like a flurry of punches.

Much of the lyrical material for the album, lifted from Matt’s acclaimed spoken word show Two Little Ducks, explores working-class views on Brexit.

To emphasize, Boro Kitchen 4am is an urgent and vital snapshot all wrapped up in fist-pumping, unapologetic and utterly essential alternative anthems.

It’s confrontational without being aggressive and it’s uncomfortable but oddly engaging. I like that it allows the lyric to do most of the work. The subtitles were fun to write, as well…

This powerful and poetic release will enthrall fans, both old and new!

It’s actually fairly difficult to categorize Skint & Demoralised but essentially Abbott is a wonderful story-teller documenting modern life in a Northern city. Now come celebrate the rebirth of poetic cool..


RIYL: Sleaford Mods, John Cooper Clarke, Working Men’s Club, Gang of Four