Plutonic Group Syncs :: Idris Elba - Bridges (Greighwolfe)


฿ Bridges ฿

Murdah Loves John’ is the second in a series of character albums to emerge from the mind of Idris Elba. Inspired by his time portraying TV detective John Luther, Idris presents a unique musical interpretation of the sinister themes and settings explored in the series.

Notable is Greighwolfe’s contribution on closing track Bridges; his rock-infused soulful voice make the track a powerful inclusion along with its subtle yet persuasive arrangement.

A strong accent in the form of a working, rock-soul-gospel recording is “Bridges” is something like the cross between Algiers and Muse – a dramatic fusion of epic guitar rock and gritty urban menace – roaring male vocal over dark electro rhythms and textures. The track builds throughout with piano chords, fuzz bass and a chorus of distant backing vocals over choppy piano chords and stomping industrial beats.

In a way, ‘Murdah Loves John‘ album is reminiscent of mixtape compiled for friends, so though its shelf life might be short, those who like it urban and gritty should find plenty here to rattle their cage.

RIYL: Algiers x Muse, Conduct, Lenny Kravitz, Greighwolfe