Plutonic Group Syncs :: Blue Foundation - Blue Foundation Album 2001


〖 Burgeon 〗

Bewitching, captivating with its slow beats and seductive ambience, Blue Foundation fuse Hip Hop, Jazz, Ambient and RnB with alluring electronic elements on their track, ‘Burgeon‘, resulting in a sophisticated, rhythmic sound enhanced by a hypnotic bass & drum.

Sublime layers and textures which serve both to create a late night lounge mood and more minimalist dance floors or, of course, to listen in the comfort of your own room.

Set upon a tripnotic soundscape, ‘Burgeon‘s’ surreal ghostly atmosphere of dubby sounds & distant jazz trumpet weave in and around discordant passages that float over dreamy yet eerie synth pulses, dark, slow breaks, haunting ambient pads accompanied by a light funk groove

RIYL: Massive Attack, Tricky, Portishead, Little Dragon

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