〘 Cage 〙

The concept of The Journey Tapes is simply life, where the tracks mark the transition from childhood to maturity, passing through sombre days of uncertainty. Ed Carlsen left the music in charge of the narrative, whereas the lyrics (sung by Julie Krog Jensen) in ‘Cage’ tell part of the story with words.

Cage‘ opens with a delicate, solo piano intertwined with distant, airy female vocal. Melodies of ethereal sweetness subtly merge and build @2:47 amid electronic sounds, orchestral ensemble and mechanical clicks & ticks.  The insertion of a spoon hitting a coffee cup, a shell falling on a metal lid, chairs being moved around are used to create a drumkit

It’s the perfect 5ish minute song to tenderly combat your insecurities, whatever their source…

RIYL: Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds, Julien Marchal