Plutonic Group Syncs :: Go West - Call Me (1985)

Call Me

〖 Call Me 〗



We are proud to represent ‘Call Me’ for sync placement opportunities. This is a re-record of the Go West hit single with the band controlling the master rights.

Go West enjoyed their peak of popularity between the mid-1980s and the early 1990s and are best known for the international Top 10 hits “We Close Our Eyes” and “King of Wishful Thinking”.

Tired of people saying ‘but we don’t hear a single’, the record company mantra of the day, Peter and Richard set out to write something really commercial. That song was ‘Call Me’ and that was the song that finally got them through the door!

Call Me‘ washes over like tidal wave of supreme pop bliss.  A feel-good 80s pop tune with catchy guitar hooks, rolling beats and vintage synths atop an electro dance groove!

The style combined a Motown sound with high energy pop and created a tight and cohesive record. The musicians do their job, as the saxophonist, bassist and guitarist make a stylish impression, alongside Cox’s strong, soulful vocal interpretation.

The band’s eponymous album could not possibly have been made any other year, it sounds ‘so’ 1985. It oozes mid-eighties from every pore, every song has you recalling pastel coloured suits and John Hughes movies. Synthesizers and cheesy guitars dominate proceedings and saxophones are given their own solos, only in the 80s!

Their polished synth-based pop/rock, together with the bells and whistles, and very technical sounding production, made them one of the industries brightest duos. The fact that they wrote their own material was a further indication that they were a step above your average eighties pop duo.

Whilst it is now almost embarrassingly evocative of the eighties it still stands up to scrutiny. Brilliant pop, played with aplomb. It’s a cracker!!!!!


RIYL: Level 42, T’Pau, Kajagoogoo